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October 4, 2023

I am waiting to here back when is a good time to speak to everyone. The 2 co-applicants and translater. I also am waiting for proof of income and drivers license. 

October 7, 2023

A follow up text has been sent to speak. Please confirm with in 24 hours if October 10, at 4pm or 6pm will work for you. 


Application fee is $55 per adult. Non-refundable. No exceptions. 

La tarifa de solicitud es de $55 por adulto. No reembolsable. Sin excepciones.

* If declined for any reason we will give you 50% of application fee in travel dollars, and/or 50% in travel miles.

Si se rechaza por cualquier motivo, le daremos el 50 % de la tarifa de solicitud en dólares de viaje y/o el 50 % en millas de viaje.

*Once  your application is submitted even if no money has been applied our agency will start working your application; including calling references. 

Una vez que se envíe su solicitud, incluso si no se ha aplicado dinero, nuestra agencia comenzará a trabajar en su solicitud; incluyendo referencias de llamadas

*Due to our grants and funding disputing an application fee payment could result in a federal form being filed on your behalf, and can result in your not being able to rent a home in the state of Maryland. 

Debido a nuestras subvenciones y fondos, disputar el pago de una tarifa de solicitud podría resultar en que se presente un formulario federal en su nombre y puede resultar en que no pueda alquilar una casa en el estado de Maryland.

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* You must answer pre-screen questions

*It is our right to deny a viewing for any reason we deem worthy of denial

*We reserve the right to verify the information submitted on your pre-screen questions before approving a showing. This includes asking for documents.

*If your credit is under 650- the request to view will be denied. Submit an application if you need to hire an agent. We will review your application for approval of agent services. 


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Real Estate Hunter

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* For renting to own, buyers, sellers and renters.

*Good if you have credit or back ground check concerns

* Good if you have been denied for a rental in the past 12 months

*Good for any reason another Realtor or Property Manager has denied you

*Guaranteed home placement. Time frame depends on your cooperation. 

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For as little as $24.95 per month, you can get legal advice to prevent problems in the first place or have your attorney write letters and make phone calls to resolve stressful situations with your landlord.

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Access to advice and counsel on an unlimited amount of personal legal issues from attorneys with an average of 22 years experience.

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Offering comprehensive identity theft monitoring and full service identity restoration services with $1M of identity theft protection.

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  • Reports to all 3 major credit bureaus

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